Where does an idea for an image come from? This is a question that has vexed many an artist. It could be anything, an idea from a conversation, a location, or in some cases something so deep rooted in the subconscious, it manifest’s itself in a dream.

Keep it simple.

Some images are created by accident. This image of a wild horse grazing on the marshes of the Doñana, was created from a photograph that was way over-exposed. Instead of instantly rejecting the photo (which would be the norm), I saw a simple composition. Keeping things simple is sometimes the key to a half decent image.

What is Art?

I’ve always loved blending photography with paintings, or vice versa. In this digital age of ours there are many tools at our disposal that helps us to develop something which is original. What defines Art is highly personal. For me it is when a representation, an image or work of Art transmit something other than the object itself. A spirit, an emotion or an idea. You may not have to like it, but if the Artwork is intentional and touches on something that is within us. Then it is Art.

Cachorro… Seville.

One of the most famous depictions of the crucifixion in Seville. The Cachorro is distinctive because Jesus is looking up and not down. This was an image I took on January 2017 while on  an assignment.

Winter is coming. Harlow, Essex.

Winter is coming, and so it came. Photographs taken of the snow lends itself to Black and White photography. Get the composition right, add a little contrast and you’re guaranteed with a half decent image.


Uvecar. Probably the best tyre garage in the world, situated in Rociana del Condado, Huelva. This image is in homage to the original American Grease Monkeys and the spirit of Route 66.



Sometimes I it’s difficult to convey a philosophical message in an image. Tranquility, serenity, a sense of time passing. Zen-like in its simplicity, I think this image conveys a hidden meaning for those who are patient enough to see.