Sometimes I it’s difficult to convey a philosophical message in an image. Tranquility, serenity, a sense of time passing. Zen-like in its simplicity, I think this image conveys a hidden meaning for those who are patient enough to see.

An Elephant never forgets (use your old equipment).

An Elephant never forgets and nor did I when I took this image at the Zoo in Cadiz. For a while I was looking for the perfect ‘Travel camera’ to take with me on difficult trips. There are some amazing camera’s out there with amazing specs (not to mention amazing prices). ┬áThen I realised I had an old Canon 400D sitting on the shelve, unused for many years. Only 10 megabytes per image, I can’t complain with the result. The above image was shot with the 400d and is 120 cm in height. The details are amazing.